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Silence does puzzles poorly but offers substantial replayability

Silence is a point and click adventure game that focuses greatly on the story rather than puzzles. It is the sequel to ‘The Whispered World’ another point and click adventure by Daedalic Entertainment.

Silence is a Part of The Whispered World

While Silence uses part of the story laid on The Whispered World, it is not required for you to have played it, as the characters will reveal important information on various occasions, familiarising you with what it is all about.

Silence Review is a Part of the Whispered World

And it’s a truly beautiful world

Adventure with Siblings

You will follow a brother and sister, Noah and Renie, in their adventure through the world of Silence, a world that is more than it seems, with memorable characters and surprises. It was quite hard to choose what I’ll mention in this review, mainly to avoid any spoilers or surprises.


Visually the game merges 3D character models with hand-drawn backgrounds. At the beginning, I was skeptical as characters seemed to ‘not perfectly fit’ with the rest of the environment. Fitting a 3D model, that makes depth noticeable, on a 2D environment felt weird, the way Daedalic fixes this, is by making every environment have multiple layers, thus creating a pseudo 3D or 2,5D if you prefer. That being said, I quickly dropped my objections as their animations, especially on how the characters interact with several objects, towards the depth of each area are well made. Additionally, the voice acting is on point and will make the characters noticeably more believable.

The music is a solid 10/10 as it fits the game’s theme in every perspective!

Silence Review - Characters

An example of the many hand-drawn characters

Poor Puzzles…

To my surprise, unlike the majority of point and click adventure games, silence does puzzles poorly. Meaning that there is little to no challenge for experienced adventure players, but that doesn’t make the game bad, as it is the most friendly game to introduce this genre to non-fans. Additionally, the game offers a variety of options towards how much help you need, from outlines to intractable items and even tips, meaning that the game is made to by beaten while offering some difficulty options, should you wish it. However, even without the traditional puzzles, Silence has some quality enjoyment to offer, as everytime I had a puzzle involving Spot, I was always pleasantly surprised!

But Choices Creates Replayability

That being said, to compensate for the lack of puzzles, you will have several choices to make during your playthrough, others will have little to no effect on what comes next, while others may even alter where you ‘ll go next! Due to the game’s autosave system, you’ll have to replay the game should you want to explore all the other options, thus offering the game some replayability in time. Additionally, the majority of the achievements will reward the choice you made and offer completionists a bigger reason to replay the game!

Silence Review - Replayability

What path will you take?

Bonus Features But Inconsistencies

Finally, two features I really enjoyed. Firstly, at certain points you can choose if you want to continue your current area or swap characters, it certainly helps if you get swamped but still want to play! Secondly, I was surprised at the support of controller, yes you can actually play the entire game with a controller with no issue at all!

On the opposite side of the coin, the game has some weird bugs or inconsistencies. I’m my playthrough I’ve encountered a dead end, where I could not change area because the correct exit was not intractable. This was caused by me, choosing a specific voice option on the dialogue before, while choosing the other resolved the issue and I could proceed normally. Sadly due to the 1 autosave feature of the game, I could not roll further back and check if previous choices would affect that. In addition to that, a paradox, where some dialogue options may not provide certain information the other choice would have.

As a final negative I will further point out that Silence, it’s not a game for gamers that want the classic Point and Click adventure, as it lacks puzzles where you combine items, require inventory screens, take notes or have any special logical interaction.

The Conclusion of our Silence Review

To sum up, I believe Silence is not worth its full price, but it can offer quite an enjoyable time. I would recommend grabbing it with on a 50% sale if you want a nice story or want to introduce someone to the genre. I give it 6,5/10 not because it is a bad game, or the negatives make it so, but because I have much higher standards for adventure games from Daedalic Entertainment. Silence does feature both steam trading cards and steam achievements. Alternatively, should you want something more, it’s prequel ‘The Whispered World’ follows the more classic features of the genre.

Author: SaintDam


  • Controller support
  • Music


  • Puzzles
  • Visual presentation feels weird


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