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Win Project Highrise from Aussie Report. This outstanding game is developed by SomaSim and published by Kasedo Games.  This competition is to help celebrate the launch of Aussie Report. We will be dedicated to bringing you the best games, entertainment, news. We’re also a company, services, and product listing service. Get listed today!

Winners Announced

  1. Winner will be announced within the app
  2. Winner will be posted on the forum in this thread
  3. This page will never be deleted and the announcement will never be removed to support an open environment

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Potential Questions Answered

  1. The Steam key is a standard US key usable by all Australians and other gamers. If you cannot use a US key then please do not enter the competition as I cannot assure you that you can activate the key.
  2. The key will be e-mailed to the winner. Please ensure your email address is up to date.
  3. The email will be sent to an email address. Therefore, if you notice your name as the announced winner please check your email and spam folders.

Finally, if you have any other questions that you would like answered please ask them in the reply box below. Therefore, we promise to answer you as soon as possible.

Win Project Highrise

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