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Learn the art of bridge construction with Poly Bridge

When I first made the discovery of Poly Bridge my mind flashed to the Bridge Constructor which is a franchise by Clockstone Studio. They are very good games especially at the budget that they were made at. I enjoyed them immensely. I believe that they fit a relatively small niche quite nicely. As a result, I was skeptical that another title could prove to be a success. However, after over 1000 reviews on Steam with 89% of them being positive, the game has been a critical success.

What is Poly Bridge?

The title makes the game pretty self-explanatory. It takes polygon graphics and combines them with the mechanics of a bridge simulator to be Poly Bridge. The title is an engineer’s dream. As a result, I wish that my uncle – who was one of the finest road engineers in Australia – was alive to play the game. Although he may have seen it as an extension of his work I believe that he would have been impressed. It seems like the type of game that even the professionals would be thoroughly impressed with.

Poly Bridge


The mechanics in the game are plentiful. This is in significant part owing to a wonderfully crafted event system. Things such as hydraulics can be designed for drawbridges, etc. One of the most enjoyable mechanics in the game is the jump system. You can essentially build a jump for your cars and bikes to jump from and as long as they clear the gap required it will be considered a success.

The mission system often relies on unrealistic bridge construction design that will both frustrate and inspire the imagination of players. They also demand players to meet multiple objectives. Thankfully, any mission can be skipped if it proves too difficult.

Poly Bridge


The presentation is clean and well designed. The UI is very simple and easy to use. The utilization of the grid system makes bridge architecture a breeze and the buttons are well placed.

One of the strengths of the design of the UI and the buttons are that every option has a hotkey. This makes things not only easier but faster as well.

There is also a well-implemented tutorial to provide the basic training that players will need. This is a great feature of the presentation. Finally, for those that need it there is also a well-presented manual that is accessible from within the game.

Bridge Constructor Vs Poly Bridge

In comparison to Bridge Constructor, as much fun as I had with those particular games, this game offers significantly more. The gameplay provides greater depth and there is a lot more that the game enables the player to do. Though it remains a viable alternative I would advise newcomers to purchase this one.

Poly Bridge

Extrinsic Value

From a Steamification perspective, Poly Bridge is the Golden Gate Bridge. The game contains trading cards and Steam achievements. Secondly, the game delivers a competitive edge by incorporating Steam Leaderboards. Finally, and what satisfies me most of all is that the game incorporates the Steam workshop into the game. There is a level editor which enables players to create new levels and add them to the workshop for others to download.

Thankfully, the Steam Workshop incorporation has not fallen on deaf ears. Community members have already, as of writing, contributed well over one thousand new levels. They have further added two hundred autoplay pieces, 17 replicas of real-life bridges including the famous George Washington Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge, 110 contraptions and 50 works of art. Hence, we can confirm that the community is an active one. The result is obvious. The community has given Poly Bridge a lifespan far beyond that of the over one hundred levels available in the base game.


Poly Bridge is not only a critical success but also a very pleasurable experience for all types of players. The game teaches you the mechanics of the game in a very thorough manner. This will enable casual players through to those more advanced to get their groove on. The presentation is immaculate and well considered. If Dry Cactus are interested in further developing this game or creating a sequel I’d like to advise them to create a management feature on top of the great puzzle game.


  • Tons of different mechanics
  • Tutorial system
  • Suitable for a range of players


  • Frustrating, unrealistic, missions


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