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Welcome to the Aussie Report Get Listed FAQ. We hope that the following questions and answers help you get listed on our site!

Questions About Hubs

What is a Aussie Report hub?

A hub is a central page on our site. It contains the main page and may include a number of other pages including:

  • Review — a review of the business, product or service
  • News — news relating to the business, product or service
  • Images — images (including photos) relating to the business, product or service
  • Videos — videos relating to the business, products or service
  • Locality — integrated mapping of the location of the business

An example of a hug can be found here.

Why three tiers of free listings?

At Aussie Report we understand that not everyone requires a complex listing. People and organizations have different needs. This enables you to have a listing that is right for you.

Can I have multiple hubs?

Yes. This is perfect for some people. For example, if you are an author or a game developer or publisher and have multiple products on the market we would suggest having multiple hubs.

The bonus of having a premium membership and multiple products is that we only request payment for one of those hubs. In most cases, the remainder of your products and services will enjoy the benefits of our premium program.

How long does it take for you to process requests?

Aussie Report attempts to respond to answer to get listed requests as quickly as possible. In most cases, we will have you listed within 24 hours and generally sooner.

Can I get a custom tier?

Yes. However, we only offer the one premium tier. Please contact us by filling in the get listed request form and leave a comment at the bottom of the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Questions About Payment

What are your payment methods?

Aussie Report accepts payment through the following methods:

  • PayPal
  • Direct Bank Deposit
  • Barter (on a case by case basis)

I want a paid hub. Do you accept annual or monthly payment?

When you subscribe to our premium listing we can offer monthly or annual payment. We will discuss this with you before we accept your payment.

Do you accept barter?

Aussie Report offers barter on a case by case basis. There are some services that we, unfortunately, cannot afford barter for. But in most cases, if we’re able to make use of your products or services we are happy to complete an exchange.

Does purchasing a premium listing delay anything?

When you purchase a premium listing we will unlock everything in the free tiers for you immediately. As soon as we receive notification of your payment we will ensure you receive your premium extras.

With a PayPal payment, this issue is resolved almost immediately. A bank deposit can take up to 2 business days.

Questions About Reviews

What is a review?

A review is an analysis of the subject matter that we are reviewing. Aussie Report reviews individuals, organizations, products, and services.

Are your reviews biased?

At Aussie Report we are proud to state that our reviews are bias-free regardless of the level of HUB membership you have. It is important to note that this is also regardless of whether or not you have purchased a premium membership.

What are the standards expected for user reviews?

Our users are under similar expectations of our writers. We will not accept one or two sentence user reviews. Obviously, we cannot expect 800+ word reviews. However, we expect our users to put some effort into their review.

We will not tolerate troll reviews. We moderate user reviews before they are published. However, do note, the user score system can be input by a user without submitting a review. If we suspect vote manipulation we will reset scores. We will turn off user scores for repeat offenders.

What is a relevant industry website?

A relevant industry website is just that. It’s a site that is relevant to your industry. For example, if you’re a tradesman and have a listing on the True Local website, we would post our review on that site.

Other examples of relevant industry websites may be Zomato or TripAdvisor if you were a restaurant. For a video game developer, you may find it beneficial for Aussie Report to post our review of your game on Steam.

Of course, we can also review your business on Google My Business and Facebook too!

When we agree to create a hub page for you in either our Word of Mouth or Premium level please advise us at the time what websites you would like us to post our review on.

How Long is a Review?

Aussie Report reviewers provide minimum 400-word reviews for non-premium level reviews. However, we generally aim towards meeting our premium tier review standards at all times.

For our premium tier reviews, we guarantee 1000 (+/- 20%) word reviews. In some cases, our reviewers may provide a review that encompasses a greater level of depth than this. That is to say over 1200 words.

I have received a negative review. Can you fix it?

As an addendum to our bias-free reviews, we accept that from time to time our review scores will not reflect positively on you, your organization and/or your product or service. For this, we apologize to you but stand behind our reviewer’s opinions.

However, Aussie Report takes negative reviews very seriously. Before publishing a negative review we will speak to the reviewer in question. We will attempt to understand their issues and attempt to resolve their issue.

In all cases of a negative review, we will defend ourselves with evidence supporting the review.

Will you review multiple products or services?

We will review one product or service per hub. As you can have multiple hubs (if you are an individual or organization who would benefit from multiple hubs, then the answer to this question is yes.

Questions About Our Online Store

Does Aussie Report charge a commission? If so, how much?

The only time we charge a commission is on the products and services we sell through our online store.  All of the sales that you make through Aussie Report that are not related in any way to a transaction processed through our payment gateways is entirely yours.

The amount of commission that we charge per product or service varies. However, we believe that our commission structure is significantly under the market rate. In cases where you feel our commission to be higher than what is standard please advise us of this opinion and we will happily work with you on a resolution.

Can I add services to your online store?

If you have services that you would like to add to our online store please contact us. We would prefer to sell gift certificates that people can print and give to you.

Do you ship the items you sell via your store?

No. We never come into contact with your products. We simply contact you when we have a purchase with the customer’s shipping information and forward you their payment. You are then expected to ship the customer their goods in a timely manner.

I don't want to ship goods. What can we do?

That’s fine. I appreciate that you would rather sell your goods in person. We can advertise your goods for payment on pick up only.

However, in order to do this, we will accept a non-refundable in advance commission per product or service organized in this fashion. We will request this commission again only when our store reports your product or service as being listed as out of stock.

What is your returns policy?

All transactions made through Aussie Report are deemed to be third-party sales. Once we forward you the payment (post-commission) the remainder is on you. This means that your returns policy is our returns policy.

What products will you sell through your store?

There is no way for Aussie Report to know how old a customer is. Consequently, we will not sell anything that requires an 18+ year old to purchase. We apologize in advance.

Questions About Other Membership Benefits

What are monthly competitions?

Monthly competitions are competitions that we can run for you and your organization. We can run a monthly competition for each of your products and services that you have individual hubs for.

You don’t have to run a competition every month. There may be times that you choose not to. This is a feature that you may elect to ignore. However, we advise against it.

What are the benefits of competitions?

The benefits of letting us run competitions for you are:

  • Awareness of your brand, products, and services increased
  • An increase in the knowledge of your brand, products, and services.
  • A boost in social media supporters, followers, likes, etc.
  • New genuine customer leads
  • Your business and their products or services shared, discussed, highlighted across social media

How do you feature us on your social media?

Every time that we create a new hub we promote it on our social media channels.

We guarantee to promote you:

  • 1x for Basic-level hubs
  • 1x for Review-level hubs and once a week for a month for each review
  • 1x for Word of Mouth-level hubs and twice per week for a month for each review
  • 2x for Premium-level hubs and ten times over a month for each review

Additionally, we will promote each competition that we run twice per week.

We promote using:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Steam

What is the Aussie Report Networking Group?

The Aussie Report Networking Group is a private group on Facebook. It contains only members who are of a Premium or Word of Mouth level. The purpose of the group is to enable you to promote yourself further on social media.

Members of the group are encouraged to share your news and promote your organization when it benefits their own. We believe that this will encourage our member individuals and organizations to partner together for everyone to benefit.

What is the special locality section of a hub?

The special locality section of a hub is a location page. It has an embedded Google maps into it. This will enable anyone who visits our page on mobile to bring your page up and find you without any difficulty.

What images, photos, and videos should I upload?

You should upload images, photos, and videos that sell your business, products, and services to your clients and customers. For example, your advertising videos would be an appropriate upload. Further, photos of your products would be fantastic. Ultimately, this media should be informative as well as positive.

What priority ad space do you sell?

  • Frontpage sidebar — above and below Top Reviews
  • Featured hubs — immediately below our latest news section
  • Hub sidebar
  • Social Media featured or promoted posts
  • Newsletter

What is the premium members directory?

The Aussie Report premium members directory will be located within our About Us section. It will be highlighted weekly and whenever we have an influx of new premium members.

It will break down into categories our premium members. Aussie Report users will access this directory to find the business, service, and products that they require. In running this on a previous website our members reported increases in business up to 100 times their standard listing.

What documents should I get uploaded?

We would expect you to want to upload documents such as menus, price lists, catalogs, etc. to your hub. Please contact us when you have something you want uploaded. If it is already on the Internet please send us the URL instead of the file.

What deals can I post?

You can post any discounts, deals, sales or promotions that you are currently running.

What are special deals?

Special deals are deals that you have created that are unique to Aussie Report.

What news can I post?

If you have any news worthy of a press release that you believe would interest Australians please submit to us.

What reports do you provide?

The reports that we provide are a statistical data analysis of the traffic your listing hub(s) is receiving. Further, it will advise you of the numbers your competitions are having and other data.

What is a special brand promotion?

A special brand promotion is a promotion that is run by Aussie Report across multiple social media channels. Generally, it requires entrants to complete a number of social tasks in order for their chance to win a cool prize put up by your organization.

By creating these promotions you will gain genuine leads and social media subscribers.

What is your affiliate program?

We offer our affiliates a flat 10% fee on all premium members they introduce to Aussie Report. This is provided to our affiliates after the premium member has paid their annual subscription.

To be eligible for your affiliate fee the premium member must mention you in the comments section of their get listed registration.

My Question Isn't Here... Help!?

We’re sorry that the answer to your question isn’t here. Please contact us and one of our representatives will answer your question as soon as possible. I’d like to thank you ahead of time for helping us make this FAQ better.

We do hope that we have made the process of getting listed on Aussie Report a lot easier. We look forward to working with you.

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