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Furi remains the greatest boss fight game in gaming history

I believe that I am relatively high skilled in many games and genres. Games such as Dark Souls, XCOM, Alien: Isolation, Ori and the Blind Forest are some of the titles I have beaten. These are games that are renown for their difficulty. They are games that I have devoured in spite of a tendency of rage quitting from time to time. Aside from difficulty. it seems like they all have something in common. They are fair. As a result, for a game to have a basis to be judged positively upon its difficulty there must be fairness. A poorly programmed and developed game cannot be labeled ‘difficult’ if it is because the RNG is impossible or the computer cheats. All of the great ‘difficult’ games have this in common.

Every time that I received damage and an ultimate death in Furi I knew I had made a mistake. The mistake that I had made was obvious the moment that it was committed. I was never left to second guess what I had done incorrectly or questioned the AI. As a result, I also realized that the game is so impeccably programmed that I know that it rewards on the attributes that matter most. Players must have the patience, concentration and the skill to succeed. Anything less at any moment in time and I knew that I would be punished.

It is because of this that I can claim that Furi is genuinely difficult and not for illegitimate means.


Boss Encounters

The challenge in Furi is one that has been a part of video games since the early days of gaming, boss fights. The first boss fight took place in 1975’s Dnd. A golden dragon serves to prevent a player from advancing throughout the game too rapidly. From there the mechanic took off and become something that was often utilized. Consequently, many gamers have fond memories of many encounters. These include, among my personal favorites, Mike Tyson himself in Mike Tyson’s Punch-out, Ornstein & Smough in Dark Souls, Big Daddy in BioShock and Psycho Mantis in Metal Gear Solid.

To base an entire game around the ideology of the boss fight, however, is a rather clever tactic. However, Furi is able to deliver because the development and the delivery of the encounters themselves are almost flawless. At least so far in what I have experienced. The encounters that I have had have thus far resulted in are so varied that no two encounters feel similar. Each requires a completely different strategy. Just when you have conquered one and believe that you have learned everything required to complete the game the next tests your confidence.


Extrinsic Value

Furi has 33 Steam achievements to reward players who are able to conquer its difficulty. However, the game is not currently a part of the Steam trading card program.



I am thoroughly enjoying my time with Furi. It may well prove to be one of my favorite games when I or if I am capable of completing it. The varied boss battles are a highlight. However, it is in the fairness of the difficulty that has me singing its praises. Consequently, I absolutely do recommend it for those of you who are open to a challenge. May it serve as the wake-up call to your own gaming mortality.

Review was originally written on 13 August 2016


  • Epic bossfights
  • Amazing soundtrack


  • Too hard for some


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